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About the Maintenance Division

With over 30 years experience in all areas of maintenance, our team is committed to providing you the best service and value in the marketplace. When you partner with us, you'll work with a local professional who appreciates the value of your site, its amenities and is dedicated to its enduring beauty.
Mowing • Edging • Pruning • Fertilization • Chemical Weed Control • Mechanical Weed Control • Irrigation Management • Debris Removal

Our Irrigation Commitment
MCE employees realize that water is a precious commodity. Our technicians are dedicated to the goal of an effective Irrigation Management Practice (IMP) to apply the correct amount of water at the correct time and to optimize maximum water uptake to the roots while minimizing water lost to surface runoff.

MCE understands the importance of the curb appeal of your property. Sometimes, the smallest of changes or upgrades can make a substantial difference in how you and your customers view your facility. MCE staff will recommend changes that will enhance your property.

MCE Management Systems

MCE provides a maintenance management system to plan, schedule, control, and evaluate project performance. The system utilizes complete inventories of all street, park, and building systems, combined with levels of service and productivity standards to develop and implement work programs and budgets.

The following MCE Maintenance Management System reports are examples of the information provided to our clients at typical frequencies:
• Activities List – Annual
• Inventory Features – Annual
• Work Program and Budgets – Annual
• Workload Distribution – Annual
• Daily Work Schedule Report – Daily
• Invoices – Monthly
• Planned vs. Actual Report – Monthly
• Activities Analysis Report – Daily/Quarterly/Annual

Additionally, our reports are available to each client through our secure web site so information is readily available to assist managers in successfully executing budgets and work programs .

Quality Assurance

MCE Corporation has developed a Quality Assurance Program that includes pictorial standards of acceptable/unacceptable conditions for identified landscape maintenance activities. These standards form the basis for scheduled Quality Assurance inspections, which are performed using a laptop computer or tablet and proprietary software to record inspection assessments by activity/area. The computer-based program provides data output that documents corrective actions required in a specific area and by type of corrective action necessary, including basis for development of a Notice to Cure where subcontractor’s performance is an issue. MCE’s on-site Maintenance Field Supervisor interfaces with each Park Services Manager on a daily basis to ensure coordination of efforts and to foster a cooperative partnering relationship.

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